Best Electric Kettle No Plastic

All people in the world are crazy either for tea or coffee. For busy people, making tea and coffee on a stove kettle is a painfully slow procedure to keep up with. The electric kettle is the time-saver because along with instant procedure it makes our energy drinks exactly the way we want.

There are numerous types of electric kettles available in the market, most of the included kettles are plastic made. That could be dangerous for your health and your family’s. As time passes, plastic melts with the heat, getting mixed in your drinks. Which results in exposing your health to dangerous BPA chemicals.

Be aware, and use a plastic-free electric kettle. And for you, there are well researched and tested, authentic branded kettles given in this article. Want to buy quickly here is the winner of the best electric kettle no plastic HadinEEon Electric Kettle. It promises to give you a plastic-free experience and amazing organic taste, along with safety precautions.

Best Electric Kettle No Plastic — Our Recommendations

The comparison chart below lists all the best electric kettle with no plastic to help you take a quick look at all the products to easily pick the ideal one without spending too much time.

Electric KettleSweetwater Electric Tea KettleMoney-Back GuaranteeCHECK PRICE
Electric KettleHadinEEon Electric Kettle35mm Swivel BaseCHECK PRICE
Electric KettleElectric Kettle MirocoHeat Resistant ExteriorCHECK PRICE
Electric KettleCOSORI Electric KettleIncredible Safety PrecautionsCHECK PRICE
Electric KettleMiroco Electric Kettle Temperature ControlUncomplicated Washing ProcessCHECK PRICE
Electric KettleElectric Kettle, Miroco Double WallThermostat TechnologyCHECK PRICE
Electric KettleCOSORI Electric Gooseneck KettleAutomatic Management Of TemperatureCHECK PRICE
Electric KettleTopwit Electric KettleTremendous Electric KettleCHECK PRICE
Electric KettleDezin Electric Kettle UpgradedGlossy FrameCHECK PRICE
Electric KettleAmazon Basics Electric Hot Water KettleRemovable FlaskCHECK PRICE

So, what’s the best electric kettle no plastic? Let’s dive deep into these unbiased reviews explained with pros, cons, and other features to help you make an informed decision.

1. Sweetwater Electric Tea Kettle

Sweetwater Electric Tea Kettle

This extraordinary electric tea kettle saves you from drinking plastic mixed tea. Its stainless steel frame not only gives a natural taste but also aims to give you durability for 27 years long. The lid has been made with pure steel with no hidden plastic inside. An elegant design with black color will stand out with your kitchen interior, making you fall in love with this efficient BPA-free kettle.

The Sweetwater Electric Kettle has the power of 1500W that boils the water in just a minute, meaning you can have your tea every morning right the moment you need it with no trouble. Its Thermal Gap casing keeps all the heat inside the kettle, so you can touch it without getting your hands burned. To get the complete plastic-free experience, it has a boiling chamber, spout, and a full inner lid that is made with pure 304 stainless steel.

The key problem with the steel interior is that it rusts easily in no time. But this durable electric kettle has the highest quality material that resists rust and enables the kettle to be rust-resistant for many years to come. Further, its seamless interior is leak-proof and the 360 rotating base stand will make the adjusting hassle into a comfortable process of just putting the kettle on the base.

Overall, the sweet water electric tea kettle is the ideal kettle that comes in a reasonable price tag and offers all the bells & whistles that you expect from a good kettle no plastic. The stainless steel frame, elegant design, and extreme performance make it worth the money you spend. For our editor’s this is the top electric kettle for the money.

  • Enormous Size
  • Procedure Of Cleaning
  • Simple Control System
  • Lightweight Stand

Why is it on our list? The easy cleaning system combined with the colossal size surely will make you think to own this right away. And in return, the stainless steel interior makes the promise to serve for straight 27 years.

2. HadinEEon Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

Now comes the winner, the HadinEEon Electric Kettle. It comprises astounding features and zero drawbacks. The ideal material considered for kettles is pure glass, and the HadinEEon has it. It is completely crafted with glass while it makes its inner lead and base of stainless steel. The glass has heat resistant elements to provide you protection from accidental burns.

This see-through kettle’s rim shines with blue light, makes the captivating appearance, and not only that, but its performance is gladdened as well. It holds the capacity to boil the 1.7L water at once and it takes only 5 minutes to boil it. Ideal and enough capacity for the big families. For forgetful people it has an auto switch-off system, bringing safety in your house from the dangers along with organic tea and coffee taste.

This wide kettle with a wide-open lid mouth makes the cleaning process simple and quick. The cordless kettle has a high-quality heat-resistant handle and the simple controls will give you worry-free cooking opportunities to slay the kitchen game. If you’re concerned about the durability, then it has 3 years of technical warranty along with a 1-year money-back policy.

In a nutshell, the HadinEEon electric kettle is a great kettle that comes in glass and steel construction to deliver amazing performance for boiling water at extreme temperatures.

  • Borosilicate Glass Material
  • Thermostat Control
  • Transparent Electric Kettle
  • Takes More Than Usual Time To Heat

Why is it on our list? It is truly capable of not only hold the top spot in this list but also a particular space on your kitchen’s shelf. Backed by the authentic warranty policy, this cordless kettle removes all the doubts regarding its amazing functionality.

3. Electric Kettle Miroco

Electric Kettle

Here is the Miroco’s Electric Kettle, which will surely make you think to add this product into your cart at the very next moment. Apart from the decent big design, its double-wall stores all the heat doesn’t let it reach the exterior of the kettle. It’s not completely plastic-free, but all the plastic it has is free from harmful BPA chemicals. The stainless steel spout and rim keep the plastic element in check to make certain that your family is getting healthy drinks.

The 1500-watts could hike up the electric bills if it wouldn’t have an auto shut-off system. Its auto-off system is not only a lifesaver but the good news for your budget as well. And the high-powered kettle can boil the 1.5L water in a maximum of 7 minutes. You can make delicious coffee or tea and it makes sure that you’ll get the healthy instinctive taste to give you the required energy level. Its simple operating system makes things easier for you.

Anti-scratching material keeps the rust away from the kettle, giving the amazing appearance for a longer time. The thermostat technology controls the temperature and alerts the system to automatically shut-off when the temperature reaches the required level. Its LED indicator shows the status of functioning even at the far range of distance to keep you informed throughout the boiling process.

  • Broad Spout For Quick Cleaning
  • Quick Boiling Procedure
  • Cordless Kettle
  • Not A Complete Plastic-Free Kettle

Why is it on our list? It’s not pure steel, but the company surely minimizes the plastic usage to craft this amazing kettle. Durable yet incredible performance, this kettle can be perfectly summed up in this sentence.

4. COSORI Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

The high-quality borosilicate glass is used in the COSORI electric kettle. Glass pot, BPA-free plastic handle, and inner lid provide the safe space for water to boil quickly. Its glass has scratching-resistant properties, in case long nails contact the kettle. The appealing frame design with the blue light indicator, this kettle gives the major piece of art feeling, and the best part of it won’t take up more space in your kitchen. And its holding water capacity is up to 1.7L, it just needs less than 7 good minutes to boil the water.

Your safety is important. That’s why this intelligent kettle has a dry-boil system that easily recognizes the absence of water and alerts the automatic system to shut off the kettle immediately. Efficient electric kettle’s auto turns off technology works instantly within 30 seconds after the water boiled at the required temperature. Your safety and the energy saving, it does the job well.

COSORI kettle aims to give you BPA-free drinks, the steel pot maximizes the taste of beverages and prepares them in less than 10 minutes. You’ll easily tell the difference in the coffee which is prepared in COSORI, and after the brief session of a coffee break, the wide lid along with a wide mouth of kettle makes the cleaning process uncomplicated for you.

  • 1500-watts Power
  • All-encompassing Base
  • Simple To Wash
  • Silicone Ring At The Bottom

Why is it on our list? It’s not completely free of plastic, but it firmly cuts back on plastic usage. And the cordless function allows you to use this kettle while traveling to make instant coffees and teas.

5. Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control

Electric Kettle

The specific function of this Miroco Electric Kettle is it controls and maintains the temperature to keep your drinks tasteful. Its preset heat settings automatically adjust the temperature to prepare the coffee and tea in honor of your liking. You can change the settings in case you want the particular temperature. They finalized the complete body and the inner wall with the deluxe stainless steel, reassuring you to give BPA-free and healthy water.

To save you from the painful moments of scalding, its double-wall is produced with PP material to control the heat and provides a cool touching exterior. Its auto turns off and boil-dry functions take special care of your safety and improve the durability of this high performing electric kettle. A simple control system lets you take the matter into your hands, just push one or two buttons to have the tea precisely made for you.

The water carrying capacity of this Miroco’s kettle is 1.7L. That results in boiling the 6 glasses of water with only one use and that too in 7 minutes or fewer. And the amazing part of this kettle is its keep-warm feature. Just press the keep warm button and it maintains the temperature of your coffee or tea for one hour straight, with no effect on taste. And its wide lid makes the filling process undemanding.

  • Steel Interior Design
  • Keeps The Last Temperature History
  • LED Indicating Numbers
  • Sometimes Stopped Working For Few Minutes

Why is it on our list? A simple control system along with efficient performance gives the major goals to have this smart kettle on your kitchen counter.

6. Electric Kettle Miroco Double Wall

Electric Kettle

The beautiful white Electric Kettle with Double Wall by Miroco is another wonderful gem. Although its exterior is made of plastic, it’s 100% BPA-free. Besides the inner body, the lid and spout are crafted with stainless steel material, and they won’t allow any plastic to be inside the kettle. The anti-scalding design permits you to hold the kettle and pour the drink being unbothered about the heat. A tiny filter placed near the spout is an extra benefit that comes with this kettle.

It can make 8 cups of tea at once, with no slight compromise on the quality. Easily push the buttons to control the complete procedure of boiling, stop it when you want, or just cancel it and reset the required temperature. Its thermal insulation layer, along with stainless steel interior perpetuates the temperature to hold it at your desired level, makes the perfectly strong coffee and tea you can’t resist.

Its high powered capability boils the water in just 6 minutes and the auto-shutoff feature stops the kettle at the very next moment when boiling is being done. While filling the kettle, its wide-calibre saves the water from spilling and helps to keep the kitchen counter clean. And the LED indicating number informs you about the inside temperature at just a glance.

  • Astonishing Heat Production
  • BPA-FREE External Body
  • Gives The Natural Taste Of Beverages
  • Large Steam Vents

7. COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Electric Kettle

If you’re a fan of stylish kettles then you might fall in love with the COSORI Electric Kettle at the first sight. The traditional slender design and the matte black color attract you to admire its beauty whenever you use the kettle. It is constructed with food-grade stainless steel without using a bit of chemical lining. It has a ready tone that beeps 3 times to inform you about the completion of the boiling process. If you don’t want to hear the beeps, you’ll have the option to turn it off.

Get a strong cup of green tea within just five minutes after the extended exercise session. It has 1200W power to boil the water in only 3 minutes, and its keep warm feature to keep up the heat inside for sixty minutes. And don’t worry about the leakage problem, its laser welding doesn’t let the drop of water leak out even after many years. In case it happens after years, then the lifetime helpful customer services will be there to help you out.

This kettle has all the needed safety technologies, offering a delightful experience. Auto turns off and the boil-dry feature shuts off the kettle when water doesn’t require further boiling. Various practical presets are given in the base for your easiness such as green tea, black tea, and white tea. Just push the preset and it will automatically set the required temperature, within few minutes you’ll be ready to get the amazing coffee and tea.

  • Precise Pouring
  • High-Speed Boiling
  • Offers The Tasteful Coffees And Teas
  • Upper Handle Is Not Heat Resistant

Why is it on our list? The preset feature in this COSORI kettle is amazing. Just push the preset and it will automatically set the required temperature. You are going to love this electric kettle for sure.

8. Topwit Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

The Topwit Electric Kettle would be an excellent choice for the big family members, as this upgraded kettle has the scope to boil the 2L water in less than ten minutes. It can prepare 8 to 10 cups of morning tea, thus saves time and you won’t have to do the hard work. As it aims to give you healthy drinks with no plastic chemicals, its body is produced with 100% stainless steel. That means you’ll have a quick cup of tea with zero effect on its organic taste.

Its 1000 watts ensures that you won’t have to wait for the water to boil for more than ten minutes. Its automatic shutdown system will save you from drinking the burnt coffee and tea. Also, the boil-dry system stops the boiling process when it detects the non-appearance of water, indirectly increases the durability of the product and your safety as well. Moreover, its smart temperature control lets you preserve your energy and time.

An easy controlling system composes the tea-making process, a child’s play. It’s on/off button is placed on the handle, so you have a better check on the making process. The sturdy handle is heat-resistant, to save you from accidental burns. Also, the benefit of storing the cord simply in the base is noteworthy.

  • Red LED Indicator
  • Holds The Brief Space
  • Simple Operating Procedure
  • Loud Boiling Sounds

Why is it on our list? Apart from the kettle’s body, all things along with the lid are plastic material. But, the smart kettle makes certain that plastic won’t come into contact with drinks.

9. Dezin Electric Kettle Upgraded

Electric Kettle

The Dezin Electric Kettle has a classic design with a modern approach towards the features. Its stainless steel frame doesn’t promise to give the entirely plastic-free kettle opportunity, but it surely aims to give you healthy drinks free of any plastic. The body interior is crafted with pure steel to extract the natural taste of beverages, that you won’t feel any difference in the taste.

Its one-touch simple button commands the kettle to begin the boiling procedure. When the water will be boiled at the required temperature its intellectual system stops the boiling process saves the beverage from burning down. Or you can just push the button to shut the kettle, now pours the incredible tasted coffee in the cup and enjoy.

The astonishing feature of this product is its drip-proof spout design. The wide spout keeps your kitchen counter mess-free, as it pours the drinks precisely without any drop being thrown out on the counter. And the premium thermostat technology brings the required heat resistant components, that enable you to hold the kettle easily even if the inside temperature is steaming out. Let your eyes read the good news, you’re going to get all these astonishing features at a much reasonable price.

  • Helpful Customer Service
  • Shows Red Light To Keep You Updated
  • Advisable Product
  • No Temperature Information

Why is it on our list? Well, this is a great classic choice for traditional people. The ultra-modern functions sound promising to bring comfort in your life by quickly preparing the beverages.

10. Amazon Basics Electric Hot Water Kettle

Electric Kettle

This small electric hot water kettle by Amazon Basics is the ideal one for you if you have few members in your family. It can boil the water up to 1L in mere two minutes. The tough breakfast routine can be easily done with this efficiently electric kettle because apart from making coffee and tea you can boil the pasta and make the instant breakfast cereal in this incredible all-in-one kettle.

The cordless kettle permits you to fill and move the kettle from the sink to the counter easily. Like others, this one also has the turnoff system with the boil-dry feature to take certain steps for your safety. Wide interior doesn’t let you do the hectic cleaning, as the one swipe of the brush and your durable kettle will be shining like a new one. Enjoy healthy drinks with this BPA-free electric kettle.

A user-friendly handle has anti-slip properties to make your hold on the handle strong. The switch button on the top of the handle is not fancy, but it is simple and quick enough. Extended spout carefully pours the drink in cups making no mess on the countertop. Its base stand looks lightweight but the performance is pretty impressive.

Overall, the Amazon Basics Electric Hot Water Kettle is the ideal kettle that comes in a reasonable price tag and offers all the bells & whistles that you expect from a good kettle no plastic. The durable construction, budget-friendly price tag, and other features make this device ideal for budget consumers.

  • 30-inch Power Cord
  • Water Window
  • Incredible Heat Production
  • Non-insulated Body

Why is it on our list? The rate of customer satisfaction with this decent electric kettle is reasonably high. The only drawback of this kettle is its body is not heat resistant. You might get your hands burned.

Best Electric Kettle No Plastic — Buying Guide

Here is the complete buying guide to help you buy the best electric kettle with no plastic confidently. If you’re simply planning to ignore it and want to directly buy the electric kettle, then hang on. You may get the kettle you won’t like or it won’t last long. Read this buying guide and know what things your dream electric kettle must-have.

Let’s take a look at the most important elements which come to play when deciding on the selection of the best electric kettle no plastic.

Heating Power

To make instant coffee, place your attention on the kettle’s wattage capacity. The best one must have the power vary between 1000 and 1500 watts. Some best electric kettles only take a minute to boil the water and prepare your energy drink. But won’t be surprised when your monthly electricity bill increases more because the high wattage kettle needs more electricity than normal ones.

Simple Operating System

A complicated control system is a literal headache for the people who wake up and want to grab a cup of coffee or tea or make instant cereal at the very moment. Decide to add the special kettle into your kitchen that has a simple system to operate. So you can have an amazing cup of coffee with a bowl of cereal daily in the morning with no hassle.

Temperature Handling

You surely love to be in complete control of your tea making process. And we don’t want you to ignore this principal part while you consider bringing the BPA free kettle in your home. Bring the one that promises to give you absolute control over the temperature so you’ll have the exact procedure and result in obedience to your wish.


Glass, stainless steel, silver, aluminum, and ceramic are termed as the ideal material for plastic-free drink moments. They make the kettle durable and offer an amazing taste with zero dangerous effects on your health. Don’t worry about the expensive cost you must pay for these materials, as your health is worth enough to spend an extra amount of money on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best electric kettle without plastic?

The HadinEEon Electric Kettle is the best electric kettle with zero plastic. High-quality glass material is used in its manufacturing.

What is the healthiest electric kettle?

To get completely healthy drinks, buy a kettle that has no plastic material, especially in the interior body. The kettle made with pure glass is the healthiest.

Which kettles are BPA free?

Every plastic-free kettles are BPA free. The dangerous BPA chemicals, plastic kettles have, are dangerous enough to get a bunch of health issues. Get the one that is made with steel or silver for a healthy lifestyle.

What is the safest tea kettle material?

Glass is the safest material for tea kettles. It has a major part to play in the kettle’s durability, and it ensures to not release any toxic chemicals in your drinks.


Here you’ve come to the end of this informative article. Now, you’ll have the 10 best electric kettles with no plastic along with their benefits and cons. So you can decide the best and get the one as per your needs and taste. One important thing to remember is your dream kettle must have the auto switch-off button. Because it is enormously important for your safety.

Once you clear all the concerns and doubts regarding the product, don’t overthink and waste the time when you can use that valuable time to buy the new electric kettle. After a few days, you’ll be enjoying the strong coffee or tea with zero inconveniences in just five minutes. I hope this guide might be enough for you to make an informed decision.

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